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  • Your architect is your ally in the construction process. He is your bridge between the wish and the reality of home construction. He will draw your plans, help specify building materials, assist with contractor selection and be in your corner to make sure the house, office, hotel or other construction project is built per your wishes and his drawings.
  • Once you have an idea of what you want to build you can contact contractors to get a ballpark construction cost. If the project is simple you may be able to get it built without the need for drawings.
  • If the project is more complex, engaging an architect will help you clarify your ideas, and explore what is, and is not, possible. Architectural drawings help contractors understand the scope and nuances of a construction project in a way that reduces misunderstandings and increases the likelihood of getting accurate contractor bids and estimates.
  • Ask friends whom they have had success with. Interview at least 3 contractors and ask for references. Different contractors specialize in different types of construction projects.
  • Yes. You need architectural drawings to obtain a building permit. At Killeen Studio Architects we know the code officials, the rules and steps to help you progress quickly and easily through the permitting process.
  • Sure. We love it when you bring your ideas to the process. A good architect will listen and learn about your needs, use those ideas as a starting point, then add their experience and design talents to develop your ideas into a living or working space that is functional and meets your aesthetic vision.
  • At Killeen Studio Architects, design process for a new home usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of that time, you will have detailed construction drawings and a dependable cost estimate for construction.
  • A good architect is your guide. He has been through the process many times and his experience will be your ticket to a smooth design and construction experience. At Killeen Studio, our experienced team has worked with countless homeowners and developers to build custom homes and can advise on every aspect of your project.



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