Historic Preservation

IMG_0679.JPGIn the St. Louis region, the built environment surrounds us with a wealth of architectural history that includes French colonial, German, early American and modern styles. 

It is a legacy that has inspired all of us at Killeen Studio Architects to develop a deep interest in our city’s history.  As a result, our firm has been part of many hundreds of residential and commercial restorations, renovations and adaptive reuse projects.

We don’t just excel in this field; we are passionate about historic buildings and are deeply committed to the work of making them relevant for 21st century living and commerce.

In fact, our architectural studio is located in an historic district, Benton Park, St. Louis, and it operates from an 1886 factory we adapted for office use. In addition, the practice’s principle architect, Mike Killeen, has served on the City of St. Louis Historic Preservation Board since 2012.

Since Mike started the architectural practice, the firm has completed a wide variety of residential and commercial projects. These have included adapting and renovating existing buildings to designing infill homes and enterprise structures that blend into their historic surroundings.

We guide our residential and commercial clients through all the complexities of complying with historic codes and other construction requirements. 

“We develop all the drawing packs you need to ensure your project moves smoothly through all application and approval processes including the city’s cultural resources department,” said Mike Killeen. “We don’t just give you the plans and leave you to figure it out. We support you all the way.”

State & Federal Historic Tax Credits & Other Approvals

We can support you as you apply for state and federal historic tax credits and help you navigate city approvals. We have good relationships with the architectural historians at the City of St. Louis Cultural Resources department. This is the department responsible for preservation.

The City of St. Louis has 17 local historic districts. Each district has its own historic code and neighborhood approval requirements.

Unique Architectural Challenges

Historic codes pertain to any exterior façade that can be seen from the street. Modifications generally need to resemble a local model example from the same era.

Although historic codes don’t govern inside a building, upgrading older structures to meet residential and commercial codes and construction standards often requires creative solutions.

In addition, our LEED Certified architectural staff can specify environmentally responsible practices and methodologies to upgrade energy efficiency, carbon footprint and sustainability. 

Authentic Materials

Killeen Studio Architects has the resources to consult with architectural historians and source historically accurate materials. We are frequently able to find suitable reclaimed materials so the historic integrity of the building is maintained.

Architectural Visualizations 

We use the latest drafting software and can create full color, photo-style visualizations that convert plans into 3D images to show what the finished product will look like.

These help you get your project signed of by neighborhood associations and committees. 

Historic Preservation Projects by Killeen Studio Architects

Our historic residential projects have included:

  • Infill houses in historic neighborhoods.
  • Period home remodels and additions to historic structures.
  • Upgrading historic homes to comply with current building codes and install modern amenities.
  • Adaptive reuse: conversion of formally commercial buildings, such as factories, for residential use.
  • Garage plans for historic city lots.

Our historic commercial projects have included:

  • Infill commercial and retail buildings in historic neighborhoods.
  • Upgrading historic structures to comply with current building codes including accessibility and health and safety compliance.
  • Adaptive reuse of existing structures for offices, restaurants and other commercial and retail applications.

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