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Killeen Studio Architects is a full service architectural and interior design firm in St. Louis. We design distinct spaces in which people enjoy working, learning and living. With a talented, dedicated staff, we provide quick service, great value and personal attention to every detail of your project. We strive to meet and exceed our client's expectations for quality design and budget adherence.

From the initial concept drawings, to design development, to construction documents and overseeing construction, we offer a complete package for homeowners, developers, corporations, facilities managers, and business owners. It is our policy to listen to and engage you at every step of the process.


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Killeen Building wins "Most Enhanced" Landmarks Award

From the Landmarks Association of St. Louis' website:

The Killeen Building, 3015 Salena
This building was selected to receive an award in recognition of the culmination of a 10 year odyssey undertaken by Mike and Annie Killeen and the Killeen Studios team that resulted in the transformation of what Mike described as a "sinking battleship of a building" into a beautiful and truly inspirational space. However, when it was first purchased in 2004, Mike recalled how the holes in the roof, rotting floorboards and crumbling light well inspired nothing but extreme buyer's remorse.  Truly a team effort, the building embodies not just the vision of the Killeens, but also the sweat and skills of the firm's staff, who labored on the renovation during the depths of the recent recession. Today the Killeen Building is home to tenants including photographers, attorneys, web developers and artists in addition to architects and contributes greatly to the vibrancy and vitality of Benton Park.


From the moment I met Chelsea and Mike, I couldn't wait to start working together. We sat at our kitchen table and I gave them an impossible list of must-haves for our second story addition. It was very important that the addition and design kept in line with the historic feel of the neighborhood, and KSA took that to heart. They found creative solutions to help us achieve everything we wanted- and more. They were responsive, creative, kind, and a fun team with whom to work. The finished project speaks for itself. They are the best and we're incredibly happy with everything they did for us.

Kasey G.
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