3D Modeling and Visualization

New Mixed-Use Development Concept: 36 Units, 80,000 SF, 71-Space Underground Parking Garage.

Improvements to Grant's Farm in St. Louis, MO. Includes Carriage Bar Renovation, New Port Cochere, New Coolers Shelter and New Vestibule.

Mixed-Use Development Concept for Clayton, MO. Design for Cornerstone Properties

This unbuilt project was to include a 3 bedroom residence and a sculptor’s studio connected by a bridge.

Magic House Exhibit Designed by Killeen Studio Architects. Running from April 2010 to January 2011, Super Kids allowed young “eco-superheros” to save the planet through community activities such as shopping at a farmer’s market and visiting a recycling center. This traveling exhibit is currently touring throughout the United States.

Children's Art Studio designed by Killeen Studio for the Magic House St. Louis Children's Museum. Permanant installation now open at the St. Louis Magic House.



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