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When the current homeowners bought this property, the interior of the original structure consisted of a mix of original and non-original framing, much of which was exposed without any drywall or plaster. Having been mostly vacant for over four decades, the structure lacked any sort of mechanical or plumbing systems, and had minimal electric wiring. With the construction of the home’s new and improved walls, new building systems were also installed.

The home’s original wooden staircase going from first to the second floor was maintained and refinished. Two existing fireplaces on the first floor were both replaced with historical replicas, and the two original mantels on the second and third story fireplaces were restored.

The dreary, unfinished basement of the home was transformed into a recreation room for the new residents. The severely uneven brick floor was removed by the owners; the ground was leveled, and a new concrete floor poured. In addition to the new lounge space, a full bathroom and dog-washing station were added to the basement.

In the process of renovation, roughly 25% of its existing stone façade and nearly 30% of the exterior masonry walls were reconstructed. The remaining existing windows within the home were replaced with historic replicas. At the front façade, the original exterior sills, intact but crumbling, were replaced with new sills, cast from the original mold.

At the front of the property, the bricks from the basement floor were salvaged and installed at the new front walkway, and a new decorative iron railing and gate was installed around the front yard. Over time, the original stone entry steps at the front entry had begun to pull away from the building. During renovation, these steps were removed and reset.

In the backyard, a new deck and stair was constructed at the rear door of the home, and a wooden fence was built to surround the new patio and backyard space of the home. In addition to replacing the roof of the main house, a new deck was constructed atop the flat roof of the second floor, providing a beautiful view of St. Louis from the back of the house. Access to the new rooftop deck was provided from the third story of the home by converting a window into a door and adding new interior stairs.

Upon purchasing the old home, the owners had clear, creative visions for what they wanted their dream home to become. With these ideas in mind, they selected everything from the tile, cabinets, colors and fixtures that had not previously existed. In the early spring months of this year, the newly renovated, historic home was finally completed and its residents, expressed that they “could not be happier with the result.”

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