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Behind the Scenes: Factory-Style New Construction


It was a pleasure working with the Hatfield's. This factory-style new construction in Benton Park is one of our favorite project to date.

The Importance of Historic Preservation

While spring cleaning, Mike unearthed this article he’d saved from his teenage years.

As the city inks a deal with MSD to tear down over 1K buildings, we’re reminded of the importance of historic preservation. Once these gems are gone, they don’t come back.

NOTE: Photos by recent Benton Park resident, Robert LaRouche


New York flair in the heart of St. Louis


This couple considered making the move to the Big Apple before they realized how much more exciting (and cost effective) it was to keep it StL local. | Music by:

Historic Bevo Mill Biergarten in the works

NextSTL did a great piece on one of our newest projects. We're so excited to help breathe new life into this historic South City landmark. 

Read the article here!















Historic Multifamily Conversion

With the latest technology we can now take you through your project during each stage of the process. Check out the Historic Multifamily Conversion set to take place above. 

3D technology courtesy of Matterport

Ground Broken at Pestalozzi Point
















Factory-Style New Construction in Benton Park

Check out the factory-style new construction in Benton Park:


music by

The Sinkhole

before-after.jpg7423 S. Broadway went through a huge transformation over the summer, and can now officially be referred to as ‘The Sinkhole.’  The new music venue/recording studio had its first crowd this past Saturday night, and we couldn’t be more excited for the business owners and building owner!

Neighbors for a Stable St. Louis need your help!


Screenshot via

Passive House Tour in Philadelphia

Jessica Deem attended the Passive House tour in Philadelphia!

unspecifiedHMT7NA19_0.jpgHere are a few project features and her reaction:



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